High Barrier Films

Al Momin Packaging equipped with most advanced Multi Layered Barrier Extrusion Line
High-barrier film is the premium choice packaging material for preserving product quality and freshness, we utilize high-barrier packaging to keep moisture, air and other elements sealed off from the contents inside your flexible pouch or bag.
Our Film Provides the best Barrier to Moister and Vapor Protection and Oxygen transmission.

Films for Oil & Ghee Packaging

We are Market leader in oil and Ghee Packaging.
We claim the better shelf life retain the rich flavors of oil & ghee.

Shrink Films

We are Provides a High Clarity, strengthen, High dart drop, Precise Collation Shrink Film of all Food & non-Food Industrial use.
Down gauge Shrink films to pass yield benefits to customers.

Laminated Films

Al Momin Packaging Provides High Quality Laminates of Various types of packaging materials are used to formulate the laminate structure including PE (polyethylene), PET(polyester), PA (nylon), Aluminum foil laminations and more. We also provide additional flexible packaging films, laminates and coatings for improved sealable capabilities.
We Provides extra spot coatings to enhance your product look and protect your brand Piracy.
We serve in all Food Sectors Snacks Food, Biscuits, Soap & Detergent Powder, Spices, Milk Powder, Wheat Floor, Rice & Sugar, Tea Packaging and others FMCG, s & Industrial sectors.